Hourly Rate, Studio only$60/hr
Hourly Rate, with assistant engineer$70/hr
12-Hour Lockout, Studio only (at $55/hr)$660/day
12-Hour Lockout, with assistant engineer (at $65/hr)$780/day
12-Hour Lockout, with Mesa first engineer (at $80/hr)$960/day

The above rates include the use of all equipment and instruments listed in the Mesa Equipment Section. The client is billed
for piano tuning and voicing.

"Studio Only" Rates

The "Studio Only" rates are available solely to qualified engineers who are familiar with the studio. Usually it is to the engineer's and the client's advantage to use an assistant for initial tracking setups and mixing setups in the "studio only" mode.
Engineer/Producer Rates

When working with independent engineers and producers, their rates must be added to the "studio only" rates.
Lockout Rates

The lockout rate ensures that your setups will be left in place, and that the studio will be yours exclusively for that 24-hour period. The lockout rates are based on a 12-hour workday. Hours in excess of 12 will be prorated at the lockout rate, which is $55/hr for the studio, $65/hr for the studio with an assistant engineer, or $80/hr with the Mesa first engineer.
You should bring two hard drives for backing up your files. One hard drive is the bare minimum. We will also keep backups while a session is in progress.

We are not responsible for archiving your files after your project is done.

At the completion of a project you will be responsible for long term backup of your files. We will backup your your files to DVDR for a nominal charge, or we will explain to you how to do it.

Hard drives are also good backups as long as you turn them on several times a year. Both hard drives and DVDRs are the best long term solution.