Recent Projects At Mesa

There have been a lot of great projects done at the studio and its nice to see some of our oldest and most talented associates get the recognition they deserve.

W. Allaudin Mathieu, George Marsh, And Jennifer Wilsey are in the vanguard of experimental improvisation.

"Group improvisation at its most risky, most awake, and most beautiful. The more you listen, the more you receive."

This project was released in late 2011.

Cold Mountain Music Home

George Marsh - Home

It was a privilege to have Holly back in the studio recording her latest release.

With Gary Mankin at the helm and her pick of good friends and musicians, the excellent two CD package encompasses Holly's tradition of mixing great music and social responsibility.

It was the first session run on the new Pro Tools HD software and Avid interfaces I had recently installed. The rig passed with flying colors.

The July 2012 release is now available.

Holly Near - Home