What's New At Mesa?

Two SPL Mixdreams, new patchbays, and a Coleman Audio M3PH MKII monitor system. A Coleman MB-2 analog meter was added to work with the Mytek DDD-603 Digital Meter for comprehensive metering. My older analog gear is clean and calibrated.

A pair of Focal Shape 65's has been added to the dynaudio BM14S subwoofer to provide accurate monitoring with mixes translating excellently outside the studio. The control room is spacious and comfortable has a hi-tech look.

Further improvements to the AC electrical system were made insuring that critical components like master clocks, AD/DA converters, and other sensitive gear are isolated from AC line contamination. This yields clean audio and a very low noise floor.

I own what I think sounds the best—that’s why I bought Pro Tools/HD Native.

—Niko Bolas, producer (Neil Young, John Mayer, Melissa Etheridge)

"I'm an Apogee fan but the new Avid interfaces are killer, like playing stuff back through a big Studer."
--- Tom Hartman

According to Butch Vig, Garbage drummer and Grammy winning producer of Green Day’s “21
st Century Breakdown”:

“Anybody who is a dedicated producer or audio engineer wants the purest and most natural sound they can capture when they record, and Avid’s new HD I/O converter sounds really natural and transparent. These new interfaces have a really nice, smooth air to them—a silky quality that blows away the competition.”

The MixDream discrete class A technology is based on a 60-volt rail (±30V). Newly developed circuitry, based on the most modern analog components, guarantees an extremely high slew rate, a low noise level of -97dBu (A-weighted, all channels active) and a dynamic level of over 125dB. Thus the MixDream easily realizes the technical level of the best analog consoles.

"Careful Class-A circuit design, an extremely high headroom and a low noise floor pay off big when it comes to summing analog signals—and the SPL MixDream offers all this and more. So far, I've used three different summing systems with DAWs and I’ve noticed the biggest sonic improvement yet while using the MixDream." --- Barry Rudolph

"I'd like something with the Dangerous 2-BUS tightness, accuracy and headroom and the musicality of the more colouring units like the API 8200 and Tube Tech with their big bass and silky, shimmering highs. I found it in the SPL Mixdream. It's accurate, has the biggest headroom of all, controlled big bass and very pleasing top end."
--- Johannes Ranki
The outputs of Avid HD's go into the SPLs and directly out into the analog Furman HDR-16 channel headphone
system providing great monitoring with no additional latency.